Six String Logic LLC is a new publishing and education company focused primarily on guitar.  Founded by a group of professional musicians and educators, the company has developed and refined an accelerated teaching framework for guitar instruction.

Our first releases are solo guitar chord melody arrangements (in other words, complete songs played on the guitar). In a world awash in rock solos and scale discussion, this choice places us outside the standard approaches.

Other online and video courses tend to focus on playing solos, or learning beginning guitar. Solos, improvisation, and the theory and mechanics of scales dominate the marketplace. We’re different. We offer a New Logic.

Our Philosophy

The Six String Logic:

  • Start with music as the core vehicle for instruction.
  • Play to Learn, not Learn to Play™
  • Player-To-Player™ Instruction Format
  • High quality products

Our Chord Melody Logic

In the topic area of Chord Melody, these ideas are illustrated as follows:

Start with Music

Chord Melody is for every player. Styles and techniques are NOT mutually exclusive on the guitar.

  • Being able to play all the parts found in solo chord melody, improves your proficiency in other guitar styles. You’ll hear more, know more, and be able to play more.
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of playing complete arrangements in your own way.

Guitar Arrangements for ALL levels:

  • Beginning/Introductory
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Choose from a variety of musical styles including:

  • Jazz
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Country
  • Holiday
  • Traditional

Play-to-Learn, not Learn-to-Play™

Chord Melody is taught through musical arrangements, not theory:

  • Our written notes for each arrangement include “Tips and Take-aways” that you can apply to other aspects of your playing.
  • We provide an array of different learning and visual styles. You can find the combination that works best for you (close up of right or left hands, slowed down, etc.)

Player-to-Player™ Instruction Format

  • Chord Melody (playing the complete song as a solo performance) taught with professionally produced videos and our clear chord charts – like an in-person lesson
  • Three camera videos and slowed-down performances helping you get “inside” the music
  • Mastering the chords first, then the Arrangement accelerating your learning process
  • Professional Arranger/Guitarists guiding you through each Arrangement with simple effective narrative in the Explanation
  • Smooth progression from Beginning to Advanced Levels
  • Our Customer Forum allowing questions and answers to be shared quickly and easily.

High Quality Products

The Six String Logic in Our Videos:

  • Separate Performance and Explanation Videos
  • Performance Videos have no narrative to distract you
  • Separate slowed-down Performance Video with improved audio
  • Beginning Arrangement Videos start with Chord Fingering Walk-Throughs

The Six String Logic in Our Supporting Documents:

  • Each Arrangement includes Tips and Tricks you can use elsewhere
  • Narrative is focused on playing the Arrangement
  • Large, clear Chord Charts show the chords in playing order

For more information about Six String Logic, just contact us.