What a Wonderful World

What a Wonderful World


Intermediate Level – The arrangement uses a variety of four note voicings and inversions to deliver this slow 6/8 feel. Arranged by Dan Sawyer.


What a Wonderful World

This song-based lesson includes our standard set of learning materials, including three PDF documents and three (and sometimes four) video tutorials. A short preview of the Performance Video for this lesson is shown below:

Your Included Documents:

Read Me First
Very important information on setup, installation, and some basic reference information for your Six String Logic lesson.

Getting Started
This vital document provides a variety of information including Tips, and Tricks specifically for this lesson.

Chord Chart
Our unique chord chart shows you each chord, and in proper playing order for the song.

Your Included Tutorials:

Performance Video
Our three-camera, high-definition view of the lesson performance is a great reference provided without interruption or dialogue.

Slowed Performance Video
This version of the performance video is slowed way down, but still offers great clarity and sound, so you can see every detail.

Explanation Video
Each arranger goes through a step by step explanation of how to play the song, including alternate fingerings, right and left hand techniques for performing, and more. There are no harmony and theory lectures. Our goal is always for you to spend more time playing and less time learning. (We like harmony and theory, but we’re focusing on playing here.)

Why separate videos? Simple. We want to let you access specific sections without searching through a lengthy video.

The total download size of most lessons is generally between 400 and 600 megabytes.

For more information on how to get up and running with Six String Logic song-based lessons, be sure to read the Getting Started tab on this page.

h2>Here are a few suggestions…

These should help you get the most benefits from your Six String Logic lesson:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, you should look at our Preview Performance Video (on the “What You Get” tab) to see if the song is one you would like to learn. You should be the best judge of that.
  2. After you complete your purchase, you will receive your link to download the lesson in a single “zip” file. You’ll also get an email with details of your purchase and the link to your download.
  3. When you make your first purchase on Six String Logic, a customer account will be automatically created for you and you will be logged in. Your account details will be emailed to you. For your future purchases or to access our help forums, login to your account first.
  4. To get started, review all the files, and place them where you wish (we recommend inside a master directory titled “SixStringLogic”).
  5. We suggest viewing all the videos to familiarize yourself with the sound and shapes of the song. Then work through the chords on the chord chart and practice any chords that may be unfamiliar. This process will help accelerate learning to play the song.
  6. Work with the explanation file to learn the song in small sequential “chunks.” A “chunk” may be a few chords, or a phrase, or whatever feels natural for YOU. Work at a slow tempo and keep adding chunks. You can gradually increase the tempo when replaying the sections.

(Don’t forget that we have moderated customer help forums for each lesson! It’s a great place to ask questions.)

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